Your Ultimate Life Begins Now.
SUPER H.I.T. offers you the highest level of internal communication. 

At H.I.T. you learned how the unconscious mind works. You understand the mechanics of your
mind and the impact it has on the way you think, feel and live.

Now it’s time for the next step...Imagine possessing the ability to access your unconscious mind, so that
you can strategically determine in advance how you want to think, feel and live.
Your old programs, thoughts and feelings show up at the most unfortunate of times.  

Now it’s time for SUPER H.I.T. - It’s time to write a new mind program to
knock out the old programs of resistance and fear.
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  • Space is limited.
  • Your Super H.I.T. investment is $15,000.
  • Dates: Coming 2019
  • Registration includes Michael Bernoff's Circle of Influence Mastermind.
  • Your deposit of $1000 will be applied towards your investment if your application is accepted, or refunded.
  • If you have purchased an “HIT Repeat Ticket” you will also receive a credit of $1000 towards SUPER H.I.T. (up to $2000 off)
  • Payment plans will be available.
Now is the time for you to have complete control of your own mind so that you can achieve massive success and feel happier than you’ve ever felt before.
After sending your $1000 deposit you will be directed to an application page for your completion.
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